Something to discover at every turn.


Explore the diverse history and beauty of Jersey.

There is so much to see and do in the vicinity of The Moorings, but being an island, nothing – even dinner in France-  is more than half an hour away.


Gorey is well connected for public transport being on the main circular bus route, so having a car is not essential.


Explore the coves of the East or embark on our challenging but breath-taking cliff-paths which follow the island’s coastline all the way round.


Discover hidden coves and local swimming spots, one of the best is right at the end of the Pier. Relax, kick back and live like a local.



Relax your mind and body.

We also have a fantastic Yoga and Pilates studio on site.

The Studio at The Moorings is led by Pam Toy of Pure Yin and her team of handpicked, qualified instructors, with plenty of classes to suit all levels. The Studio is open to locals as well as staying guests.

You can book a space through Pam's website or you can contact Pam directly if you'd like to enquire about private and bespoke classes.

Health and Wellness


The Moorings is delighted to have partnered with Emma Mathew of Prana Health & Wellbeing to launch a treatment room in April 2024.

A spare room of the hotel has been converted into a beautiful haven of peace.

It's expected that treatments will be available to book from the end of April 2024.

Having spent the last 15 years of her life in corporate and public communications roles, Emma is also a qualified Swedish and sports massage therapist, yoga teacher, reiki master and health coach (and Mummy to little Elliott!).