Basic Food Photography and Instagram Course

We’re delighted to be hosting an all day Basic Food Photography and Instagram Course on Monday 27th November with  award-winning food photographer and cookbook author Donna Crous.

We all know the importance to business of good photography. Whilst we all have an element of professional photography in our marketing tools for more glossy advertising purposes, most of us will be using our own self-shot photography on a much more regular basis to keep our daily marketing going through social media.

That’s why we’re delighted to be hosting a Basic Food Photography and Instagram Course on Monday 27th November with Donna Crous. Donna is an award winning food photographer and cookbook author living in Jersey. Her imagery is beautiful, emotive and alive- we’d go as far as calling it ‘sexy’! She makes cake sexy!


We are incredibly excited about this course, because we can’t wait to do it ourselves and Donna seems to think we have the perfect conditions for a good shot!

“Full of natural sunlight, The Moorings really is the perfect place to come and hone your food photography and Instagram skills. During the day you will be given an introduction into how to take beautiful food pictures using your iPhone, you will also learn how to edit them and make them Instagram worthy.  Food photography is incredibly specialised, and whether you are a chef, restaurant owner/manager, honesty box owner, blogger or just love food this is an amazing chance to really get to understand how to make your food sing for your Instagram.”

  • Donna Crous



Arrival 9:30AM


Coffee and welcome


10AM- 12:00


We will start the day learning about the correct angles, light, backgrounds and props.  Donna will teach you how to make images that connect with your audience and hold their attention.  We will then go onto learning about touching up the image and preparing it for social media.  


12:00- 12:45


2-course Lunch


13:00- 16:00


After lunch, we will chat about Instagram, learning how to create a consistent look and feel throughout your brand, online etiquette and basic Instagram skills and tips. You will leave feeling inspired to share your work, and confident in the Instagram space.  


TICKET PRICE: £199 per person


*Please note that Donna uses an iPhone, all other phones are welcome but she may not have the technical knowledge to help with other brands of phones. Food props will be provided, but if you have something in particular you would like to practice on, you are welcome to bring your own.